Our client, Vivalon (f.k.a Whistlestop), is the largest nonprofit dedicated to the health, wellbeing, and enrichment of older adults, people with disabilities, chronically ill, and low-income individuals in Marin and Sonoma Counties in California.

A wide array of services meets the community’s needs. Vivalon offers nutritious meals to stay healthy, transportation to medical appointments and visits with friends, and lots of classes that encourage learning and physical activity.

There is never a dull moment at Vivalon–much less a quiet one–on purpose. Since one of the core tenets of Vivalon is human connection, Vivalon employees are constantly connecting with their community members or coordinating services for them.

When Vivalon started expanding, the challenge was to find a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable creative-marketing agency to take care of their collateral printing and design needs PLUS all the logistics associated with their production and delivery. That way, the employees at Vivalon could continue focusing on delivering their much-needed services without deviating their attention.

Vivalon’s members fully trust and are confident that Vivalon will support them whenever they need its services. In the same way, Vivalon was looking for an agency it could fully trust to support its print needs as they arose.

Vivalon found in us a creative marketing arm:

  • We design and print its collateral materials so that everything is on brand and each piece–from business cards to informational cards for their café, and everything in between–works in harmony and provides a unified look and feel.
  • We take care of every single aspect of production: from A to Z and from beginning to end. Vivalon simply sends an email with their request and they can count on us to take care of the rest. We produce top materials for them that are delivered on time and on budget every time.

At Senspoint, you’ll find a specialized team of creatives, marketers, brand strategists, designers, storytellers, and content creators you can partner with for your creative and marketing needs to hit your revenue, influence, and growth goals.

But perhaps more importantly… at Senspoint, you’ll find a team to help you reach your PEACE OF MIND goals.

With Vivalon and all our clients, we’re committed as much to strategic collaboration as to hands-on work, so we are true partners in success at all levels.

When we met with Vivalon, we realized that it was critical to their operation and peace of mind to avoid dealing with the logistics of designing, printing, and shipping because it would detract too much from their duties.

With this information, at once, we created beautiful templates to simplify the process for them so that their request entails just one simple email. From there, we take care of the rest: design, proof, print, package, ship, track package, and give updates until it reaches its destination. As creative marketing experts, we’re also process and project experts. These details make all the difference for Vivalon to run a smooth and seamless operation on their end to focus on what matters most: their members

Every client relationship is essential to us, so we take great pride in our involvement and the degree of planning, attention, and detail we pay to your projects. We’re your partners in success.

If you’re looking for an agency to take care of all your creative marketing needs AND create a simplified and seamless process so that you can have peace of mind, contact us today and let’s start a conversation.