The Importance of Digital Marketing (2023)

Marketing communications are ever-evolving, adapting to the ways in which customers are consuming media. The rise of the internet and social media has resulted in businesses changing the way they operate and interact with customers. Every day, around 42% of the world’s population are active on social media, spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on the internet. Thus, the scale and importance of digital marketing has grown significantly.

Digital marketing can help a brand engage with its online audience. This form of marketing aims to drive traffic to a brand’s page, bring awareness to a brand, build a relationship with its audience, and more. Some key digital marketing techniques include social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO).

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Why is digital marketing important?

As the internet becomes increasingly ingrained in our lives, the significance of digital marketing is clearer than ever. Here are 5 reasons why your brand should have an integrated digital marketing strategy to grow and thrive.

1. It increases brand awareness

The internet is used by about 7 billion people worldwide. This signifies a huge opportunity to target people through the internet. There are multiple avenues you can use to expose your brand to your target audience, such as social media or search engines. Digital marketing makes it possible for brands to communicate their unique selling point to specific audiences, thus creating brand awareness within the scope that you desire.

2. It is cost-effective

Digital marketing is typically more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. It requires little upfront investment, and is more approachable for small businesses. Digital marketing enables all businesses, regardless of size and funding, to sell their products on a consistent platform with the big players.

While paid media can have a large spend behind it, business can grow through organic methods, such as search engine optimization, and social media engagement.

3. Provides an opportunity to grow consumer-base

The opportunity to grow a consumer base is another reason that digital marketing is so important to both small and large businesses. Social media is an easy and effective way to promote Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Maintaining an active digital presence gives a business numerous tools to keep existing consumers happy, while also employing tactics to bring in new consumers.

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4. Allows competition with bigger brands

Digital marketing significantly levels the playing field between small businesses and large corporations. Traditional marketing requires a large advertising budget, and thus was dominated by large businesses. Digital marketing is more approachable as it does not have such significant financial barriers.

For example, SEO ranks your website or advertisement based on relevance to the search terms. This makes it impossible for large brands to pay their way to the top. They must optimize their website in the same way that everyone else does in order to stay competitive. Brands cannot simply pay their way to a guaranteed first place ranking on search engines – it is based on relevance.

5. Results in measurable marketing results

One setback with traditional marketing methods, such as billboard, radio, or television ads, is that it is very difficult to quantify the impact of such advertising.

Contrastingly, digital marketing campaigns allow businesses to achieve quantifiable outcomes in real-time. This allows them to assess the efficiency of their campaigns and modify plans accordingly. Analyzing data and the ability to modify accordingly, is a huge factor that contributes to successful marketing.

What is the most important aspect of digital marketing?

There are many different elements that comprise a digital marketing strategy. Some brands might place more emphasis on Search Engine Optimization, or social media marketing, or pay-per-click advertising. At Senspoint, we believe that a holistic digital marketing plan combines all of these factors. The way you define these characteristics has a direct impact on the success of your campaign.

We listen, develop, and convey our clients’ stories, assisting them and their customers in making sense of their brand. When Senspoint becomes part of your team, we understand your brand, and we can communicate across all digital platforms consistently and coherently. Read more about our digital marketing capabilities.
Whether you’re looking to bolster your brand’s digital footprint or dive into digital marketing for the first time, our team at Senspoint can make it happen.