Empowering the Blind and Visually Impaired with Information About The Proctor and Gamble Products through Be My Eyes

The Problem

Be My Eyes is a software which provides visual assistance to anyone with sight loss through the camera on their smart phone. Be My Eyes is a global volunteer service wherein anyone can become a volunteer and assist blind and visually impaired callers. Be My Eyes also offers “Specialized Help” to companies they partner with wherein partner companies answer calls and provide useful information about their products and services. Be My Eyes is a software company and do not specialize in strategy around assisting the blind or visually impaired. Senspoint works as their consultancy of record to provide strategy for specialized help partners. 

The Proctor and Gambol Company, P&G, is a specialized help partner to Be My Eyes. Through this collaboration, P&G needed assistance on how to work with callers and how they could help callers in the most meaningful, positive, and effective ways. 

The Process

During this collaboration, Senspoint worked with Be My Eyes and P&G to gain a strong understanding of P&G products and strategize how P&G could provide meaningful and valuable assistance to blind and visually impaired callers. Three training videos were created and produced to assist individuals who answer Be My Eyes calls at P&G called volunteers. Senspoint strategized, educated, and demonstrated how P&G volunteers can assist Be My Eyes callers with anything from cleaning up spills with Bounty paper towel to spotting and washing clothes with Tide laundry detergent. Senspoint showed P&G that there is so much more that can be done with a simple paper towel than merely cleaning up spills. For instance, a paper towel can be fastened to the end of a vacuum hose to pick up small objects like pills, paper clips, etc. without having to physically touch the floor. Senspoint demonstrated effective cleaning tips for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms that P&G volunteers teach blind or visually impaired callers. Ultimately, Senspoint taught P&G volunteers easy, fast, and useful tips to use to empower Be My Eyes callers with information and training to independently manage their homes, personal care, and cosmetics. 

The Outcome

P&G volunteers now answer Be My Eyes calls and empower many blind and visually impaired callers each day with useful, actionable information. Many blind and visually impaired individuals have not received formal training on how to live their lives independently. Now, Be My Eyes through P&G has the ability to provide state-of-the-art helpful information to the blind and visually impaired community around the globe which allows them to clean their homes and manage their cosmetics and personal care effectively and independently.