Creating Specific Training Resources for Volunteers at Be My Eyes

Positive Impact Statement

Procter & Gamble (“P&G”) is a household name around the world. For over a hundred years, they have been filling pantries, laundries, and vanities with common name-brand products. In 2002, they brought Sumara Latif, Head of Accessibility, to their team who is committed to creating accessible packaging. P&G recently applied tactile differentiations between shampoo and conditioner in their Herbal Essences bio:renew line, making the packaging accessible to blind and visually impaired customers. The shampoo has raised lines near the base of the bottle while the conditioner has strips of raised dots. According to Latif, “Our goal at P&G is to start a conversation around accessibility in packaging design. By doing this, we can help more companies to produce products that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their circumstances.”

Be My Eyes is a global volunteer-based company founded in Denmark in 2015 who provide visual assistance to hundreds of thousands of users through the back cameras on their phones. Be My Eyes now offers their Specialized Help platform wherein experts from specific companies answer calls and aid anyone who needs help with accessing visual information. In 2020, over ten P&G brands were added to Be My Eyes, however the Be My Eyes experts did not have enough resources to help them provide effective and appropriate information to blind or visually impaired users. Senspoint utilized their strategy expertise to create a series of informative and educational training videos for all P&G experts who regularly answer Be My Eyes calls. 

Our Role in the Project

Our team is well versed in accessibility strategy. We often assist companies with making their services more accessible to people with disabilities, including those who are blind or visually impaired. Be My Eyes needed help explaining the most appropriate, user-friendly, and effective strategies to assist blind or visually impaired Be My Eyes users to the P&G experts who would answer calls. Our team collaborated extensively with many brands at P&G, the P&G Accessibility team, and Be My Eyes to ensure all content matched with the goals of each stakeholder. We then used blind talent and our experienced videography team to stage situations wherein experts from P&G demonstrated the most effective strategies to assist blind or visually impaired users with tasks like cleaning a shower using Mr. Clean® products, cleaning up spills using Bounty® Paper Towel, and selecting and applying deodorant. We are proud to help these two global companies, both of whom make an extremely positive difference, make the strongest positive impact in the lives of their customers.