Establishing a call to arms for carbon neutrality.

The A-Z Adelaide to Zero brand, created as part of an initiative of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet for the Government of South Australia, utilises compelling simplicity and relevance – it is the ultimate, telescopic idea: bookending our alphabet completely, and inherently containing every possible conversation or discourse that may arise.

It contains the full potential of our language and vocabulary and is, therefore, the ultimate shorthand for not only a big idea, but also a big conversation. The faceted typography and graphic, strikingly modern and simple in its form, alludes to motion and ever-changing evolving nature.

The “to” becomes the crossbar of the ‘A’, while a subtle downward-facing arrow resides in the negative space of the ‘A’ and ‘Z’ designed to encapsulate the campaign goal entirely in the graphic.

This design is intended to be the ‘big idea’ reveal: dominant; inclusive; architectural and representative of the city. Aspirational in shape, but distinct and definitive in form. Appropriate to the language of consideration and engagement: A-Z

Extension to full brand guidelines, challenge competition architecture, posters and banners, along with website styling and infographic.