Our client, City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic (“City Physio”), is a highly regarded physical therapy office in Adelaide, Australia. The team at City Physio believes in going beyond traditional physical therapy techniques to solve patients’ injuries and physical mobility issues.

The team at City Physio believes in a whole-person approach to healthcare that considers how lifestyle, diet, and stress factor into each individual’s health. By designing customized plans based on these considerations, they solve current health issues at their root. But they don’t stop there: their preventative care produces long-term, well-being solutions for patients – making an impactful difference in their lives long into the future.

We have worked with City Physio for many years and are proud to serve as a trusted creative and marketing partner. As such, we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to:

  • Build and maintain City Physio’s website to ensure maximum visibility
  • Tell City Physio’s story in a compelling way across all their touchpoints
  • Ensure that their holistic approach is prominently featured and easily findable
  • Generate high-engagement social media content and website articles
  • Help preserve overall consistency in the look and feel of City Physio’s brand

Through its collaboration with Senspoint, City Physio has been able to amplify its brand and positively impact its patients’ lives. We are deeply honored to be in a position to support this vital work and to be City Physio’s trusted partner in their mission to improve lives through holistic healthcare for all.

If you’d like to focus on what you do best while having a professional creative marketing team on your side, contact us today, and let’s start a conversation.