Using a State-of-the-Art Technology to Make Packaging More Accessible

Positive Impact Statement

Barilla is one of the most famous and successful brands in the consumable packaged goods industry. Beginning their commitment to diversity and inclusivity during their inception over 150 years ago, for the past five years, Barilla has been considering how to make their packaging more accessible to people who are visually impaired. They explored many potential solutions, all of which required significant modifications to their packaging. Being a long-time client of Senspoint, we connected Barilla to global volunteer-based service Be My Eyes, which through their app provides users assistance through video calls. Barilla now has a turnkey partner to make their packaging accessible. 

Our Role in the Project

When we connected Barilla with Be My Eyes, they thought it was only a solution to help people who are visually impaired. We built a state-of-the-art strategy on how Barilla can best use Be My Eyes and they now use it to positively impact many of their customers. Utilizing our strategic thinking, Barilla soon realized that Be My Eyes helped a much wider audience than their visually impaired customer base, increasing efficiency with customer response. Surprisingly, nearly fifty percent of Barilla call center calls are to get assistance reading their products’ expiration date. Customers would struggle to photograph their product and send photos to call center representatives via email, however with Be My Eyes, representatives can simply view the package and provide the expiration date. Customers use Be My Eyes frequently to inquire about whether pasta looks ready, and people who don’t have their glasses call to read cooking instructions. Senspoint is paving the way to accessibility for stalwart companies like Barilla, and we are honored to help amplify their impact.